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Overwolf is a desktop platform for PC gamers, offering applications that help core gamers play smarter

  • Reach hidden audiences

    Reach hidden audiences

    Engage gamers authentically by advertising

  • Next Level Engagement

    Next Level Engagement

    Reach gamers without interfering with their
    game experience

  • High quality traffic

    High quality traffic

    Overwolf supports industry standard ad formats ensuring a safe, high-quality inventory

Access core gamers

  • Highly engaged audience, playing over 15 hours per week
  • Over 200 million game sessions per month
  • Over 5 million monthly active users
  • Gamers offer extremely high LTV and ROI on advertising spend
  • Our strongest regions are North America, EU and LATAM
  • Most users aged 18 to 34
Ad experience Ad experience

Ad experience

Ads are integrated into in-game apps. The App’s devloper decides where and when ads are shown, while Overwolf makes sure these ads never interfere with the gamer’s experience. This results in industry-leading viewrship and completion rates

Ad experience
  • 99% viewability for video ads
  • 80% completion rate for video ads
  • Fully compliant with industry standards and brand safety requirements
  • IVT Monitoring: We ensure our inventory is completely clean, MRC accredited vendors
  • GDPR compliant
  • Ability to integrate with both VAST/VPAID and oRTB channels

Partnered with industry leaders

  • Index-exchange
  • Expotential
  • Mediamath
  • Verzion-media
  • Pubmatic
  • magnite
  • smartclip
  • Twitch
  • Criteo
  • OpenX
  • feewheel
  • Xandr
  • goldbach
  • Smart-ad-server
  • Unreal
  • spotx
  • Svorn
  • nextar
  • NetworkN
  • District-m
  • Synacor
  • 33across
  • adform
  • tradelab

Verified by

  • Protected-Media
  • Pixalated
  • iab
  • geoedge


  • Overwolf is a premium publisher with unique access to a hard to reach audience - passionate core gamers and esports players. We support desktop applications and in-game tools for the most popular games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Minecraft, PUBG, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Dota 2 and hundreds more.

    For gamers, our platform is where they can improve their game experience and improve their skills with apps and tools available while playing.

    Our product is built on Chromium, the same as Facebook Messenger, Spotify, Slack or Steam. It’s a client-based software that works exactly like Chrome. However, this also means we don't have an accessible URL in which ads are shown. Each user will have the same browser and user agent.

  • Overwolf provides solutions for gamers who want to use apps and features in games without having to Alt+Tab all the time. Over time, we realized the platform's potential and opened an Appstore in which partners such as Logitech, Intel, Amazon and other select developers can launch apps and increase customer-side value.

    Users have full control and can install only the apps they need for their game. There are two types of apps - functional apps, that enrich the experience of the game and prevent alt+tabbing, like Spotify or Skype, and apps that help users play smarter which provide in-game statistics and pointers for players.

  • Overwolf is a software just like Skype. In order to see ads, you'll need to first install Overwolf and then open one of its apps in a game.

  • Ads are displayed as part of an Overwolf app that provides gamers with a valuable service. As such, it is up to the app devloper to decide where and when ads are shown. The developer must comply with Overwolf’s strict guidelines to ensure that these ads never interfere with the gamer’s experience: Ads are always shown within the boundries of the app, during dead times in the game, or when the gamer explicitly opens the app.

  • We mostly serve video/banner ads in-game, which run in full-screen mode, so that our apps are 100% in-view. We also don't have any scroll bars that affect the ad placements, so ads are always above the fold and immediately visible. In addition, our browser is not affected by ad-blockers and has no extensions.

  • Overwolf is more effective in terms of brand awareness than it is in performance marketing.
    Since we serve ads in-game and clicking on them will throw a gamer out to their desktop and browser, the likelihood of a click-through is lower compared to standard websites. However, since users are fully attentive to their game screen as they wait for a match to load, our brand awareness impact is far beyond what other channels achieve.

  • Absolutely! Users have full control over their exposure. For more information check out our Privacy Policy.

  • We use Google Ad Manager as our ad server and Aniview as our video player.

  • Our inventory is fully monitored by Protected Media and Pixalate. We’re also monitored indirectly by WhiteOps, IAS, Moat, Forensiq and FraudLogix.

  • Overwolf gamers hail mostly from North America, EU, Nordics and LATAM.

  • Yes! We're using the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework to manage users' consent (CMP).
    Residents of the European Economic Area (“EEA”), can exercise certain data subject rights available to them under applicable data protection laws. For more information, please check our Privacy Policy.

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